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Social Events

cAMP ​

The one and only miserable feeling associated with cAMP (aside from the hangovers) belongs to the silly geese that don’t come along when they hear the awesome stories from our weekend of dancing and debauchery! We’ll take you on an adventure to a campsite near Aireys Inlet where for three days the good times are unlimited, the people are all the same age as you, and the dancing lasts all night. Trivia night kicks things off on the first night, followed by a thrilling dress-up party on the second. This is without a doubt the best way to meet your fellow Monashians and first years. Also, did we mention, any first-year student is welcome, even if you don’t study Biomed.

Mystery Bus 

Albert Einstein once stated, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious”, and this couldn’t be more relevant for this event. Prepare yourself to be left in an awe as you wonder where the next venue will be every time you jump back on the bus during this night time tour of Melbourne! Stopping at a variety of locations, this tour will fill you with feelings of anticipation and excitement... and potentially another hangover the next morning.


Biomed Boat Cruise

Every year, this event sells out within 10 minutes and you can understand why. Cruising the bay on a boat, dancing and enjoying the discounted bar prices with your friends is as close as most students get to paradise.

First Year Bar Night

Trawling through Chapel Street on a Thursday night is fun. What’s more fun is trawling through Chapel Street on a Thursday night with ridiculous drink specials, provided by your First Year Representatives. Dress up according to the theme... and then party so hard that you forget you’re even in costume. We hope you don’t have any Friday morning lectures because this isn’t the kind of night you want to go home early from.

Bar Night

Beers and ciders priced no more than the gold coins in your pocket combined with our traditional theme of ‘Game of the Rings: Harry Potter Strikes Back’ (work out the references) makes for an extravagant night out without the nasty “how much did I spend?” panic that always follows the next morning. The more extra the costume, the better... unless it’s Jar Jar Binks.

​Biomed Ball

The most anticipated event of the year: the annual Biomed Ball held at the Palladium at Crown. Our last ball boasted over 1000

stunning attendees, who enjoyed an amazing meal, an included drinks package, professional photography and of course free entry to our after party! This is by far the highlight of our social events calendar but be prepared to camp outside South One as early as 6am to secure tickets for you and your friends.


A little sneak peek into the mischief at some of our events...

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