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Meet your fun & friendly Biomed Society Committee of 2023!



Audrey Middleton


Throughout 2022, Audrey thoroughly enjoyed supporting Biomed Students academically and socially as Activities Officer and Student Representative. Moving into 2023 as President, Audrey is very excited to bring new ideas to the table whilst focusing on establishing greater support networks for students between themselves and with faculty. Activities Officer allowed Audrey to further explore the importance of connections and relationships as a fundamental of University life. On the other hand, as a Student Representative for two years she also appreciates the value of course feedback for unit coordinators and the incorporation of improvements for students. Audrey has a well-rounded appreciation for all elements of a Biomed Students life and really hopes this comes through during her time as office bearer!



Lucy Yao

Vice President: Academics and cAMP

Lucy is so kind and smart in her everyday life and especially in her professional life. She is dedicated to ensuring everyone feels welcome and is always there to talk to about anything. Luc is diligent with the way she carries herself and is amazingly suited to her role as Vice President Academics. She is as street smart as she is academically smart so if you have any life questions or uni questions she is your go to person. Luc is always able to bring in amazing new ideas to the committee and is an incredible representation of a POC.



Monique Kuzmis

Vice President: Social

Monique is always the brightest person in the room. If you walk into the office, you’ll know Mon is there by the sound of laughter and happy smiles. She is lovely to everyone she meets and organised to a T. Mon is always willing to lend a hand and help anyone who asks. Despite doing both Commerce and Biomed, Mon is a dedicated member of the society and never fails to produce quality work in our events. If there’s any questions you have regarding Biomed, she’s the gal to go to.



Charlotte Bell


Charlotte is a massive foodie and not to mention the best baker in society.

She is an excellent baker and has real potential in creating a baking side hustle when she becomes a successful business woman. Besides making incredible goodies, Charlotte loves a good swim on the beach during summer to reminisce about her swimming days. She is kind and caring and an amazing friend and has everything you need whether it is advice, a pen or a lab coat. She was deemed camp angel in her jaffy year and still lives up to the name as she is the most caring and wholesome friend there is. She continues to be the helpful person and friend that is emphasised in her role as secretary.



Tahlia Jackson


Tahlia is our Treasurer for 2023. She’s in her 3rd year of Biomed and loves how the society enables students to have a memorable and supported biomed experience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her to discuss all things finance!


IMG_3777 (1)_edited.png

Hayley Di Stefano

Assistant Secretary

Hayley loves being surrounded by others and being social, so she cannot wait to get to know everyone more this year. During her first year in 2022, she was involved in the Monash Minds Leadership Program and in 2023 will be taking part in the Ancora Imparo Leadership Program, alongside her role as Assistant Secretary. She is excited to learn new skills and perspectives that she can bring to the society. In her spare time Hayley enjoys running, pilates, going out for dinner with friends, and reading, so there’s no doubt that she will have a good foodie find or book to recommend.



Lauren Taylor

Assistant Treasurer

Studying Biomed/Commerce, she can’t wait to take on the responsibility of assistant treasurer next year. Lauren’s keen to keep the biomed account in check this year even if she has some serious spending issues in her own account. She absolutely loved being a first year representative last year and can’t wait to make some more fabulous memories with the committee in 2023.



Krista Puia

Activities Officer

Krista is one of our activities officers for the year of 2023. She is starting her 2nd year of Biomed and Commerce, and is excited to bring some new and improved activities for all to enjoy. From boats to the infamous Biomed ball, we’re all in for a treat.



Nisha Makam

Activities Officer

Nisha is one of our Activities Officers for 2023. She is in her 2nd year of Biomed and loves to make sure everyone is having a good time at any event. Make sure to attend the events and find her for a blast!



Rory O'Brien

Academic Officer

Rory is extremely dedicated to her studies, particularly when she ignores all the lectures she has that week to do absolutely anything else, like procrastinatory trips to the beach or the sudden urge to eat her weight in Guzman y Gomez. However in between such moments of productivity, she loves spending time with her friends and soaking in some sun.



Sesadi Swaris

Academic Officer

Sesadi is one of our academic officers for 2023. A cheeky nerd at heart, she thrives off academic validation and is keen to make the most of her final year in Biomed with Monash’s most wholesome committee. You’ll always catch her with a smile on her face, down to embarrass herself with a TikTok and keen to have a chat!



Roshan Sajjad

Peer Mentor Coordinator

Roshan is a final year student from the UK currently on exchange. Her academic interests involve immunology, oncology, and neuroscience and when she graduates she hopes to advance into research. Roshan loves to have a good laugh and thrives on excitement. She is probably one of the most adventurous and spontaneous people you will meet! As a peer mentor coordinator, Roshan hopes to provide you with guidance and support to ensure you settle well at Monash. She is looking forward to meeting you!



Chloe Gelb

Social Media and Design Officer

Chloe is currently in her third year studying a double degree of Biomed and Commerce! She has a passion for art and design so she has been loving her role as social media and design officer for the Monash Biomed Society so far. When Chloe is not at uni, she enjoys getting involved with the disability sector, backing delicious sweets and spending time with her friends and family.



Jessica Hewett

Sponsorship and Publications Officer

Jess is a passionate and friendly student, who is currently studying her second year of Biomed. She loves being involved in all aspects of the Biomed Society as well as travelling, playing basketball and spending time with friends. As Sponsorship and Publications Officer, Jess is responsible for all business partnerships with the society and the Biomed Society website. She is aiming to provide new resources to assist biomed students in 2023. Reach out to Jess if you would like to partner with Biomed Society. Additionally, if there is anything new that you would like to see added to the website, she is excited to hear your ideas.



Isabel Bayley

cAMP and Launch Coordinator

Issy is a fun and kind person who is always down to get coffee on campus. She always does her best to help anybody with questions whether they are academic concerns or just general questions about university or personal life. Issy is always a vibrant person to be around and always has a smile even at 8am in the morning. She adds an interesting perspective and new ideas to group discussions, but still values the opinions of her peers, friends and faculty very highly.

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